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Send abstracts for oral presentation and poster presentation at 2020.wounds@gmail.com Registration is now open online and Workshop is complimentary for all delegates


Day 1 - 01st February 2020
Time Hall A
0900 - 1100 Hrs Session 1 : Wound Basics
Chairperson : Dr. Arun Prasad, Dr. Abhinav Kumar , Dr. C K Durga, Dr. Amitabh Khanna, Dr. Saif Khan

(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

i. Cost V/s advancement in Wound care - Is it justified - Dr. Arun Prasad
ii. Innovations in Wound care - Dr. Abhishek Tiwari
iii. All About 'Wounds' - Dr. Tarun Gupta
iv. Wound dressing past, present and future - Dr. Chintamani

1100 - 1130 Hrs Tea
1130 - 1300 Hrs Session 2 : Diabetic Foot (Curse to Mankind)
Chairperson : Dr. S K Wangnoo, Dr. Kuldeep Singh, Dr. Ratna Chopra, Dr. Manoj Johar
(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

ii. Diabetic foot : prevention, early detention & management - Dr. Kuldeep Singh
i. Importance of glycaemic control in diabetic foot - Dr. Amitabh Khanna
iii. Know about diabetic foot dressings - Dr. Ramnik Sodhi
iv. Conditions simulating Diabetic foot : Diagnosis & Management - Dr. S K Wangnoo
v. Nuances of debridement and few interesting cases - Dr. Manoj Johar
1300 - 1400 Hrs Lunch
1400 - 1530 Hrs Session 3 : Learn from experts and unlearn your past
Chairperson : Dr. Chintamani, Dr. N Shaheen, Dr. V S Bedi, Dr. Tarun Mittal, Dr. Jaisom Chopra

(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

i. Wound healing strategies to influence stalled wounds - Dr. Manoj Johar
ii. Management of complex perianal wounds - Dr. Abhishek Tiwari
iii. Vac & it's variants : Magic wand in treating complex wounds - Dr. Rajesh Vasu
iv. Role of endovascular interventions in diabetic foot ulcers - Dr. V S Bedi
v. Role of laser in chronic wounds - Dr Kamal Gupta

1530 - 1545 Hrs Tea
1545 - 1645 Hrs Session 4 : Wound and Nutrition : inside edge
Chairperson : Dt Ms. Anita Jatana, Dt Ms. Charu Dua, Dt Ms. Richa Jaiswal, Dt Ms Deeba
Dr. Ramesh Aggarwal, Dr. Ankit Mishra, Dr. Ramnik Sodhi
(Each Talk - 12+ 3 mins)

i. Nutritional assessment techniques in wound management - Ms. Deeba Siddiqui
ii. Role of nutrition in successful wound healing - Mrs. Anita Jatana
iii. Nutritional challenges and possible solutions in prevention of pressure ulcers - Ms. Richa Jaiswal
iv. Modular nutrients and wound healing - can be a debate topic - Ms. Charu Dua and  Ms. Sandhya
v. Panel Discussion -
Moderator - Ms. Charu Dua
Panelist - Dr. Abhishek Tiwari, Ms. Charu Dua, Ms. Richa Jaiswal, Ms. Anita Jatana, Ms. Deeba Siddiqui
Topic - Counseling The need of an hour Clinical nutrition satisfaction administration required- How to strike a balance?
1645 - 1730 Hrs Inaugural Ceremony and National Advisory Committee meeting
Chief Guest - Dr. Arun Gupta, Director, Delhi Medical Council
Day 2 - 2nd February 2020
0900 - 1100 Hrs Session 1 - Crux of the matter
Chairperson : Dr. Tarun Sahni, Dr. Tarun Gupta, Dr. Sanjay Verma, Dr. Santosh Patankar, Dr. Ankit Mishra

(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

i. Establishing Wound care practice - Dr. Ashwind Bawa
ii. Npwt in salvage of critical implants - Dr. Manoj Johar
iii. Social media & its role in wound care practice - Dr. Ashwind Bawa
iv. Pathophysiology and basics of Wound care - Dr. V R Vachhrajani
v. Managing Malignant Wounds - Dr. Chintamani
1100 - 1130 Hrs Tea
1130 - 1300 Hrs Session 2 : Offbeat stories
Chairperson : Dr. V R Vachhrajani, Dr. Rajesh Vasu, Dr. Puneet Mahajan, Dr. Jaisom Chopra, Dr. Narendra Chaudhary

(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

i. Advanced modalities of treatment of a Wound - Dr. V R Vachhrajani
ii. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Curse or Cure - Dr. Tarun Sahni
iii. Venous ulcers :Treatment conundrum & how to heal ulcers expeditiously - Dr. VS Bedi
iv. All about venus ulcers & its management (RFA, laser, sclero theropy) - Dr. Nitish Anchal
1300 - 1400 Hrs Lunch
1400 - 1530 Hrs Session 3 - Abdomen / Pandora Box
Chairperson: Dr. Arun Prasad, Dr. Pawanindra Lal, Dr. Abhishek Tiwari, Dr. Pankaj Arora, Dr. Ahmad Sajjad

(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

i. A wounded Hernia story - Dr. Ankit Mishra
ii. Tips and Tricks to prevent wound dehiscence and incisional hernia - Pawanindra Lal
iii. Port site infection, prevention, early detection & management - Dr. Tarun Mittal
iv. Abdominal wounds & Abthera in wound care - Dr. Abhishek Tiwari
v. Role of laser in chronic wounds - Dr. Kamal Gupta
1530 - 1600 Hrs Tea
1600 - 1700 Hrs Session 4 - All about burns you should know
Chairperson : Dr. Chintamani, Dr. Manoj Johar, Dr. Saumya Khanna, Dr. Kiranmoy Sarangi, Dr. Ashwind Bawa

(Each Talk - 18+ 2 mins)

i.   Burns dressings - Dr. Kuldeep Singh
ii.  Recent advances in burns wound Management - Dr. Rajesh Vasu
1700 - 1730 Hrs WOUNDS QUIZ (Host - Dr. Chintamani)
  Role of laxatives in perianal wounds - Dr. Abhishek Tiwari (Sponsored Session)
1. Oral Presentation
2. e-posters
3. Sessions
A. Wound Basics
B. Diabetic Foot (Curse to Mankind)
C. Learn from experts and unlearn your past
D. Wound and Nutrition : inside edge
E. Crux of the matter
F. Offbeat stories
G. Abdomen / Pandora Box
H. All about burns you should know

4. Workshop
  • Workshop on dressings for different kind of wounds
  • Latest dressing and devices update


The WOUNDS 2020 conference offers high level scientific presentations, and an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with best experts in the field. Gain new knowledge and best practice about the most recent research and treatment in wound management and use the gained knowledge in your daily practice. Meet peer researchers and clinicians from different specialties at WOUNDS 2020. Attend high level key sessions, free paper sessions, hands-on workshops, focus sessions and guest session hosted by other medical societies offering new knowledge and exchange experiences about wound care products and technology. Wounds management as an expert is highly in demand and burden of patients with non healing wounds and diabetic foot is increasing exponentially, so be an expert in wounds management and diabetic foot in your routine OPD practice with WOUNDS 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you to New Delhi, the capital of culture and amazing city with many facts that will surprise you with its creative and informal atmosphere. Winters are best time to visit Delhi also the monument of love and sacrifice Taj Mahal is just two hours away from Delhi.

With best wishes
Dr Abhishek Tiwari
Organising Secretary


Core Committee

Dr Arun Prasad

Dr Abhishek Tiwari
Organising Secretary

Dr Chintamani
Governor ACS India

Dr Pawanindra Lal, MAMC
Programme Convenor

Dr Tarun Sahni
Course Director

Dr Tarun Gupta
Organising Co-Secretary

Dr Nitesh Anchal
Programme Convenor

National Advisory Committee
Dr A K S Rana
Dr Amitabh Khanna
Dr Arun Bal
Dr Chintamani
Dr Kuldeep Singh
Dr N Shaheen
Dr Pawanindra Lal
Dr Rajesh Kesavan
Dr Rajesh Vasu
Dr SK Wangnoo
Dr Tarun Mittal
Dr V R Vachhrajani
Dr VS Bedi
Dr YK Mishra

ASI Delhi State Chapter
Dr A K S Rana
(President, DSC)
Dr Tarun Mittal
(Secretary, DSC)

Organising Committee
Dr Amrit Shankar Shastri
Dr Ramesh Aggarwal
Dr Deepa K Vittal
Dr Purak Mishra
Dr Bishal Badal Mohanty
Dr Harshit Malhotra
Dr Arun Anand
Dr Ayant

Venue: New Delhi

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